Our Commitment to Alumni​

Thank you for being a member of Azmilaw Alumni Community.

No matter when, why or how you left, all Azmilaw alumni share a common DNA and a passion for changing the world. Working at Azmi & Associates was a unique experience, an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself. When you left the company, you probably wrote a goodbye email on your last day. Many do. The emails sum up gratitude, lessons learned and amazing experiences. That’s where the Azmilaw Alumni Network comes in. We certainly work with ubiquitous technology, but it’s people that matter the most. And, staying connected to the amazing people of Azmilaw past and present is ultimately what the Alumni Network is all about. Alumni hire each other, share resources with each other, volunteer with each other and celebrate each other. That’s what a positive, vibrant community does and that’s what the Alumni Network is.

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To create a long-term supportive network where Azmilaw people, past and present, can reconnect throughout the lifecycle of their careers.



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