Anthony Azad Tan Chien Liang

What was your last role at AzmiLaw and which area of law did you work in?
Senior Associate; M&A.

What was your proudest moment or greatest achievement while at AzmiLaw?
Being mentored by Dato’ Azmi.

Describe your present job and position in more detail.
I provide centralised legal support for the Gamuda Group across the entire spectrum of legal functions, especially serving corporate deals both domestic and cross-border.

What aspect of your current job do you like the most?
The deal dynamics of big M&A in new ventures.

How has your time at AzmiLaw benefited your professional life?
I learned not only the substance of law but also good values of servicing clients including responsiveness, listening to clients’ underlying concerns, drilling down into commercial side of things to be a more efficient corporate lawyer, being modest and to always stay professional in conduct.

Why do you believe it’s crucial for AzmiLaw alumni to be a part of the network?
I believe that all who have undergone the training at AzmiLaw share common values; we can build on this networking to be more effective in our respective endeavours. But most of all, it’s fun!

What advice would you give others about the value of being part of an alumni network?
There’s nothing to lose & a lot to gain through the connections, but we must also contribute as much as we’d like to benefit from the network.

How do you contribute to creating a better workplace?
By being nurturing & realistic in all interactions.