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Whether they stay at Azmilaw or go on to other places – are part of the Azmilaw family. The Azmilaw Alumni Network is an impressive worldwide community of alumni who share a common experience of having worked at Azmi & Associates. Founded by Dato’ Azmi Mohd Ali, founder & Senior Partner of Azmilaw, he hopes this platform to be a community where all alumni to stay connected, supported and benefited with the programs and insights provided.

As an Azmilaw Alumni, you automatically become a valued member of our alumni community joining over 500 members from all over the world. We are proud to call you our alumni and we invite you to keep in touch with us and share your achievements with us. This alumni network is open to all former Azmilaw employees. Whether you moved on from Azmilaw 20 years ago or yesterday, you were and still are, part of our global community. The alumni program aims to support you, just as you supported us, through networking events, training, publications and professional opportunities.


Thank you for being a member of Azmilaw Alumni Network.

As part of the Azmilaw Alumni community, you are entitled to exclusive benefits that Azmilaw and its subsidiary companies have to offer. Register now to learn more about these benefits. 

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